Can you pluck your nose hair without feeling like you’re pulling out your sinuses?

You probably know the feeling. Plucking nose hair demands the concentration of a 60 year-old Tibetan Buddhist monk, the nerves of a bull fighter and the pain tolerance level of a firewalker.

If you`re one of those men that hasn`t been blessed with minimum facial hair, you`ll probably have more than just nose hair to deal with, such as ear hair, sideburns, thick eyebrows (We hope that the situation hasn`t escalated to where you now have the famous “unibrow”. If so, the stainless steel ACE For Men dual action tweezer will quickly resolve the situation for you.) and other facial hair growing in places unbecoming of the modern, evolved male.

ACE For Men is a brand with a long history of assisting men with all the gut wrenching hair removal tasks mentioned above. Nose and ear hair? Forget about it! With this ACE For Men dual action trimmer, you won`t pass out plucking hair and wake up in a puddle of your own tears a few minutes later. You can also use it to quickly shape up those sideburns into geometrical perfection.

ACE For Men has developed many products and tools to assist men with their grooming tasks, including the ACE For Men Comfortlex pocket comb. An ancestor of this comb was made famous by the ultimate rebel, James Dean, who combed his hair with an ACE comb in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. Get yourself something from the ACE For Men collection at today, and let some of that rebellious spirit brush off on you.

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