Why? Because Cocksox underwear are nasty, arousing, wild, daring, adventurous, and due to being anatomically tailored with specially invented, original pouches, they’re so comfortable, you never want to take them off. The unique pouches are so comfortable, appealing and snug that you`d think hundreds of scientists worked in conjunction with thousands of men who told them exactly what they really want in a pair of underwear. Cocksox undergarments provide men with both alluring appearance and outstanding support while still allowing for high breathability.

Men don`t want that much in their underwear – mainly supreme comfort and great looks – and Cocksox has achieved this by way of two kinds of pouches: the “snug pouch”, which you will find on the Cocksox classic boxer brief, and the “original pouch”, such as seen on the Cocksox classic original brief. As you can see, the difference is in the appearance; the Original pouch is more enhancing than the Snug, but both Snug and Original pouches offer the same level of ergonomics, comfort and support. If you want to turn more eyes your way, we recommend the Original.

In addition, Cocksox uses high grade fabrics, such as:

  •  Supplex for their underwear line, which is a highly breathable, soft, fast-drying and colorfast fabric that is very efficient at carrying moisture away from the body.
  •  Lycra for the swimwear line, which is extremely comfortable, stretchy and durable. It is a colorfast and silky fabric that is resistant to chlorine and UV sunrays with an UPF rating of +50.

Men wearing Cocksox have reported that their favorite Cocksox garments have raised their self esteem and provided them with outstanding support while working out at the gym. These are great all-day undergarments, and a lot of guys say that after trying Cocksox, they`ll never use another brand of underwear again.

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