Take the time to enjoy being a man!

Picture this: An old wooden floor with wide floor boards in your vintage bathroom. You`re standing in front of the mirror, and water is slowly running from the old chrome tap. The windows are open, and the blinds are half shut. There is a light morning breeze that finds a warm resting place on the surface of your naked skin. It’s just a typical summer morning. It`s still early, and you`re getting ready for the crazy world out there. The sound of smooth jazz music makes its way inside from the bedroom, emanating from your mid-70s hifi stereo. The man inside of you is soaking up the image in the mirror. You have that macho, wild look that very few can resist, and you see that your four-day-old stubble is ready for a wet shave. You pick up the shaving brush, splash it with running water, dip it into the soap and cover your beard with it, preparing to slide your razor through the foam.

This is the way a man shaves. It`s an art, a tradition. It`s pure hedonism. You pick up your James Bond-like Goodfella Chrome Safety razor that is sparkling from the morning sun streaming through the windows. You slowly press it against your skin, gently sliding and shaving away your beard. You shave with pure joy, like you`re Picasso painting his latest masterpiece. There`s simply nothing like a good, old-fashioned, wet shave.

Goodfella has reinvented the old-school shaving science with their grooming tools. It`s a tradition dating from happier times when you could relish the fact that you were a man and indulge yourself with these kinds of satisfactions that make life the joy that it is.

Pick up your Goodfella safety razor at DealByEthan.com today and take time again to be a man in the fullest sense of the word.

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