A 100% Australian owned company, Beachfoot International was created to support the surf culture in Australia and is considered to be one of the premium beach towel brands in Australia. Beachfoot beach towels are geared towards people who love to have fun at the beach and who are fashion conscious as well. If you want to go to the beach in style, a Beachfoot beach towel is a must.

Beachfoot towels are known for their innovative designs, high quality materials and unique shapes that immediately attract attention at the beach. Take the unique foot-shaped Beachfoot Original Beach Towel, for example. This impressive beach towel is a large 180×130 cm and weighs close to 1,200 grams, making it the perfect size for anyone. It is made from 100% cotton, which ensures quick drying, and it has been woven tightly to ensure that it does not tear easily. In addition, the colors remains intact even after multiple washes.

So, before you take your next trip to the beach, be sure and grab your Beachfoot Original Beach Towel at DealByEthan.com!

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