Uniqueness comes at a price. Are you willing to pay it?

Nothing short of extravagant, extraordinary, exhilarating yet almost elusive emotions come to the fore as one begins to describe Spy Henry Lau. Henry Lau has struck hard at the core of the fashion industry and made a huge impact on everyone that is a part of it.

The Spy Henry Lau product line is honest in its attempt to be unique, bold and just a little bit crazy.  With his stimulating use of color and fabric, Henry Lau leaves no observer unaffected. His garments move and shake. They are pure works of art that you`ll never tire of and will be honored to decorate your body with. Some Spy Henry Lau garments, like this black Spy Henry Lau low V-neck, long-sleeved shirt, are dark and mystical, like the English moors under the cover of night. Others are wild, playful and as striking as the morning sun on a cold Alaskan morning, such as the Spy Henry Lau Shocking Colour bikini.

The Spy Henry Lau collection is used by DeBeers Diamonds, Nokia, Motorola and Tiffany & Co.  What`s more, Henry Lau designs has customized clothing for various Hong Kong celebrities like Leslie Cheung, Hacken Lee and Denise Ho. This is proof of how valued his clothing line is around the world.

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