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2xist- Turning Heads With Its Casual Sophistication

If you’re looking for a brand that’s both casual and sophisticated, then 2xist is the brand for you!

Founded in New York in 1991, 2xist is a leader in men’s designer swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the modern man. This unique brand is a trend-setter that always tries to out-do itself by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant than any of those produced by its rivals. 2xist researches and caters to the exact preferences and needs of its customers and is not afraid to try new and bold concepts.

For example, 2xist’s range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from an extremely unique fabric that is a blend of bamboo charcoal and polyester. This fabric is extremely durable and more absorbent than any other fabric known to man, which means that you can wear these undergarments in comfort all day long, regardless of the conditions. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer, which ensures that your package smells great at all times.

Other 2xist products include varsity trunks made of modal-cotton, which is highly resistent to wear and tear and harsh detergents, and the stunning, unique Surf Collection Brief Underwear, which are particularly stunning and the most comfortable underwear that can be found.

2xist also respects nature by using soy cotton, which produces fine, comfortable fabrics that are even more luxurious than cashmere.

So, browse through the 2xist underwear collection at today and experience this unique and unparalleled brand for yourself!

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