2(x)ist Men's Underwear Swimwear

2xist- Turning Heads With the Casual-Sophisticated Combo

If you are looking for a brand that perfectly combines casualness with sophistication then 2xist is the answer for you!

The company was founded at New York. Started in 1991, the brand has gone on to become one of the most loved brands of sexy men’s clothing with its unique blend of the casual with the suave. It is said to be the forerunner of designer men’s swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the man of today.

Their range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from carbon fibre fabric made by bamboo burnt in to charcoal, which is then infused into a yarn of polyester at the time of spinning. The virtue of this process lies in the fact that they become extremely durable, and they easily absorb moisture more than any other fabric known to man. Thus, these are sexy clothes men can wear all day long (no matter what the conditions) without any discomfort. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer so that your package will smell great at all times. Their range of varsity trunks is very comfortable and is made of fantastic modal-cotton which can resist the wears and tears of time as well as the harsh detergents. As a result, no matter how much you wash them or use them, they will not fade or wear away. The Surf Collection Brief Underwear is really stunning. They are unique and as surfing briefs they are the most comfortable ones that can be found.

2xist uses cotton and spandex but the most unique feature of the materials used in the production of the underwear lies in the fact that they respect nature by using soy cottons which are supposed to be the finest and comfort giving fabrics, and apparently more luxurious than even cashmere.

2xist is not a trend-follower but rather a trend-setter. This noted name in men’s sexy clothing always re-invents itself by coming up with new designs, fabrics and colours. They always try to out-do themselves by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant by far than any of their rivals. They research and cater to the exact preferences and needs of their customers. 2xist does not step back on trying newer and bolder concepts.

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