Travelling during the winter months is a magical experience. The UK, particularly, transforms into a fairyland during wintertime.

Scenic empty views of the British Isles, cobbled paths glistening with frost, the vibrant festive celebrations, and snug bars with roaring fires – what more could your heart desire?

There are umpteen places to enjoy winter in the UK – the list could go on.

Here are the seven best winter spots to try in the UK:

The Cotswolds

It’s hard-pressing to find a lovelier winter spot than the Cotswolds, mainly when you see its storybook hamlets blanketed with snow.  Cotswolds’ little old villages are indeed showstoppers, peppered with cobbled lanes, honey-coloured stone structures, and old-fashioned thatched-roof cottages.

Sledge downhill by yourself or experience a husky sledge dog adventure. How about warming up by the bonfire, sipping a mug of hot chocolate?

If you’re planning to visit the Cotswolds around Christmas time, exploring the Blenheim Palace grounds is a must! Walk the illuminated trail here while admiring the fabulously festive lighting of about one lac white bulbs, laser beams, and coloured lights. Enjoy sips of mulled cider as you witness the festive lights flooding the palace exterior.


The capital city is a sight in winter! From the Thames River banks to Trafalgar Square’s lively streets, festiveness stretches here. A snowfall, a rarity in London, further beautifies the city, transforming it into a serene paradise. 

Wintertime here lets you experience a vacant Tower of London and take selfies in the barren vicinity of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. How about skating outside the Natural History Museum?

If you’re travelling with kids, make sure to visit Hamley’s, London’s premier toy shop. How about sipping at perfect tea blends on a lazy afternoon at Fortnum and Mason’s over-300-year-old tea salon? 

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Known to have one of the UK’s best Christmas markets, Bath thrives in the wintertime. You’ll love shopping for unusual presents and savouring mouthwatering food at nearly 200 chalets set within antique paths filled with Georgian buildings.

Take a one-of-a-kind experience in Bath, warming up at its over 2000-year-old, cherished Roman Baths. Take a dip in the hot springs of long, long ago and relax in their incredible spa. The added attraction during Christmastime here is festive 3-course holiday meals.

Visit the Bath Abbey, an ancient church-cum-monastery, to experience a moment of calmness in an otherwise vibrant city. The abbey becomes a captivating sight when enveloped in snow.

Longleat House, a baronial home having its menagerie of exotic animals, is a must-visit in winter. Admire the glittering outdoor exhibits adorning the stately house and safari.


Oxford offers you a unique travel experience during winter, one of the UK’s oldest and noblest cities. Walking amid Oxford’s winding paths and vacant bylanes on a Sunday evening provides perpetual peace. With history seeping from this renowned university town’s every crevice, wintertime lets you feel it at all the world-famous museums here.

Join a walking tour to visit Oxford’s impressive medieval structures.  Witness some of the UK’s most iconic architectural pieces, such as the Christ Church Cathedral, which stuns twofold when dusted with snowflakes.

Go to Carfax Tower for an elevated view of this historical city, or take in spectacular countryside vistas from the top of St. Mary’s University Church.


A magical setting of snow-sprinkled ancient houses and cobblestone paths illuminated by festive lights – that’s Scotland in winter.

Do you have plans to visit before the Christmas holidays? I look forward to exploring charming Christmas markets and experiencing opulent lighting and joyful music as you walk on the appealing streets. How about lacing up a set of two rental skates and swirling your way about some of Scotland’s top-notch ice rinks?

If you’re planning a New Year’s trip, don’t miss Edinburgh’s 3-day event celebrating New Year’s Day. The Scottish capital transforms into a vivid scene, with street celebrations, musical shows, and fireworks.

How about experiencing the magical wintry ambience of the sky-high, hill-top Edinburgh Castle? While touring the Scottish Highlands, get close with the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, UK’s only free-ranging reindeer group.


Enjoy crowd-free winter surfing on this buzzing party town’s outstanding beaches – for example, Fistral Beach, Watergate Bay Beach, and Praa Sands. Then there’s Lusty Glaze Beach to taste a couple of liquors and enjoy terrific live music. At the same time, you sit around a log fire to warm up your winter evening.

With very few people around Newquay in winter, you can easily spot lovely roe deer. Roam the trails of Goss Moor Nature Reserve and Cubert Wildlife Walk while looking out for beautiful wildlife. And yes, forgetting your camera here is unpardonable!

Dartmoor National Park

Look forward to a memorable winter trip to Dartmoor National Park. When sprinkled with snow, this vast moorland becomes an enchanting winter wonderland. Furthermore, roaming ponies and sheep add a rustic look to the beautiful landscape.


Now you know some of the UK’s best winter spots to visit. Take your pick and create everlasting travel memories.


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