Chammyz Baggy Shorts: Others Will Know You By What You Wear

It is true that no material is as good a Lycra in performance and comfort, but there are times where baggy shorts or three quarters are the most suitable option. Check out the Chammyz baggy shorts when you are simply hanging around the town, touring in some culturally conservative regions or just don’t care for the glamorous figure hugging design.

Chammyz baggy shorts are archetypal redesign of the ‘moondoggie’ shorts. Look stunning in knee length Chammyz baggy shorts with a comfortable elastic band and cotton draw cord to enhance comfort. Believe me it is just the right shorts for guys who want comfort and pockets. You don’t have to feel sweaty and uncomfortable as Chammyz baggy shorts have been designed with magical wicking fabric which takes the sweat to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates and keep your skin fresh and dry. Not only that, enjoy your outing in the sun as they have a 50+ UVB and UVA rating to shield you from the harsh sun rays.

Chammyz manufactures very soft and robust apparel which are especially created to make you look confident and sexy while offering the maximum comfort. You have to try them on to know what I mean…you are sure to get addicted to these smart and suave Chammyz baggy shorts! Breathtaking collection of Chammyz is conveniently available at, just click on and get a pair now. Their unique designs and material allows maximum water absorption and is a wonderful option for outdoor enthusiasts as well as guys who are looking for relaxation.

Are you an ardent lover of natural fabrics…don’t worry Chammyz baggy shorts have been fabricated from plants and trees and yes they are recyclable! This 100% viscose environment friendly yarn is designed under challenging specifications to offer you the finest you can get. The cuts are sleek, sober yet exotic! Chammyz baggy shorts have been pre-shrunk and pre-washed which makes them soft and you yearn for more with their high level of invigoration…you get it with every “Chammyz”.

Waistbands come with stretchy elastic which eliminate the pressure off your stomach when you lean forward and also prevents the rear of the shorts from creating a gap. This is not it…you also have stretch panels, across the crotch, sides or back to move easily without it rubbing against you. The backsides are double layered offering additional durability.

Evolved for the lifeguards and surfers, this exceptional Chammyz material absorbs all moisture and will dry you like a towel all the time keeping you snug and warm.  It is indeed a style statement for the bold and sexy. Chammyz baggy shorts are exciting and drop till mid-thigh or just above the knee and can be worn all through the year. Keeps your balls cool as they are naturally ventilated and in case you overheat, pocket vents will maximise air flow.

What are you waiting for…just banish dullness and boredom from your life, fast and easy than ever before with Chammyz baggy shorts in your wardrobe! Get these cool sexy shorts at and embark on a new lifestyle.

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