Do want style, sexiness and flair all at once from your underwear? Then opt for the Clever Moda brand of underwear.

Clever Moda is a brand that was set up in the year 2004. It is a Colombian based brand that has a Latino hot blooded flavour in it.

There are more than 25 types of Clever Moda (also know as Clever) brand of Clever underwear and swimwear in various colours and interesting prints. They are vivacious and funky, made of a mix of nylon and spandex. The Clever Moda has a range of more than 90 different types of boxer brief underwear. The colours are energetic and fun with a really interesting selection of prints. Cotton, spandex, nylon, mesh and polyester is used in various proportions to produce the perfect mix of materials. Some of them have the unique feature of an open fly at the front which is aptly named open fly boxer underwear.

There are around 80 different types of brief underwear in the collection of Clever Moda Underwear and Swimwear to choose from. The combination of mesh gives a very sexy appeal to it. The mix of colours and graphic prints make it a really interesting range. Some of these too have the option of a fly at the front. The Clever Moda collection of clever swimwear is for the man who is both a bit conventional, but at the same time, has a funky side in him. The nylon-spandex combination gives a nice sheen. Their lounge pants are mainly available in interesting stripes of various colours and are made of 100% cotton. Their clever underwear nd swimwear collection is made of spandex, polyester and occasionally mesh to give maximum support as well as comfort. There are more than 25 variants in this range. The tank top t shirts manufactured by them are made of the finest quality fabric.

 Clever Moda never compromises on quality for style. Only the finest and the softest variety of fabrics are used for the manufacture of all their sexy clothes for men to give maximum durability and comfort.

The Clever Moda brand is unique in its approach towards the making of sexy clothes for men in the way that its focus is towards interesting silhouettes that flatter the form of men. The colours and prints are really interesting, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and more than all of this, it makes you feel more masculine and comfortable in your skin

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