Need a hidden pocket for a condom?

Picture something like this: you`re out in this hot night club. There`s booze, loud music, half-naked bodies all around you. You can smell the sweat and the pheromones burning your nostrils. Hell, it’s so strong, you can taste it. You`re getting more excited by the minute. You’re dancing, seducing and inviting. Suddenly, you notice there`s a certain someone undressing you with their eyes. You`re boiling hot. The adrenaline is pumping. The juices are flowing, and the sweat is literally dripping from every pore. You know how this is going to end, right? You pick up that special someone and take him to your place. Clothes come off faster than you could peel a banana, and then suddenly, you remember: DAMMIT! Condom! You look in your drawers and check out the medicine cabinet. You search everywhere that you could be harboring your vital protection.

Then, just as you`re about to give up, you remember: Hey! I’ve got one in the pocket sewn into my Dirty Fukker brief. Whoa! That was close!

The above scenario is probably similar to one you’ve experienced before, but which ended a little differently. Don`t let that disappointment happen again, and definitely don`t get yourself in a situation that could jeopardize your health. Each Dirty Fukker garment, such as this Dirty Fukker Punk boxer brief, has a small pocket sewn into the side where you can keep an emergency condom at all times.

So, let some of that bad boy in you loose and select something from the Dirty Fukker collection at today. You’ll never be left unprepared or unprotected again!

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