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Beware: Fundamentalists Discovered Among Underwear Manufacturers!

Arroyman is exactly that: a fundamentalist when it comes to underwear, sportswear and clubwear. Underwear is the first thing that touches your body and has the major task of making sure that you feel comfortable and sexy. So few brands these days realize this fundamental fact about underwear, but Arroyman is all too aware of it. This is why they went back to the basics, the very fundamentals, when it comes to their product line. Their designs are inspired solely by the natural contours of the male body. Using primarily modern stretch fabrics, their garments become one with your body, capturing its natural grace and elegance and providing you with support in just the right places.

And if that isn`t enough, your body sends out signals of eroticism so raw when wearing Arroyman garments that you can almost taste them. The male body is erotic in and of itself, so why cramp your style with underwear that doesn`t acknowledge this fact? You`re sexy, erotic, masculine, exciting and macho, and you want those qualities to be reflected by your underwear, don’t you?

Just to give you an idea of what we`re talking about, why not check out the sexy Arroyman KDT boxer brief, made from 85% Nylon and 15% of Elastane Lycra, or the sizzling hot Arroyman glossy wet micro thong, made from the finest microfiber and elastane Lycra.

Arroyman is accredited to use the Lycra trademark, which guarantees superior quality, durability and comfort. So, don’t waste another minute. Visit and browse through the Arroyman collection today!

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