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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Spanish Man Diagnosed with Fatal Addiction to Style!

A man has been repeatedly seen wearing incredibly stylish garments, and no one is able to end the madness. The man was spotted on the golden beaches of Barcelona wearing insanely hot and trendy swimwear, like the ES Collection Fantasy Sailor shorts, and sometimes even this fabulous and mesmerizing ES Collection X-treme Back Zipper “Don`t” bikini in red. To make matters even more serious, the aforementioned man has been seen wearing drop-dead gorgeous underwear like the ES Collection Logo brief fly and occasionally, the ES Collection Curve Rocky brief in the devastatingly stylish combination of navy and red.

If you see this man, please ask him where he gets his clothes and pass the news around so that everyone can enjoy the same style, comfort and sex appeal that he does!

Ok. We may have gotten a little carried away there, but the thing we wanted to impress upon you is that the ES Collection of underwear and swimwear at is incredibly sexy, unique and hypnotizing.  We can almost imagine the fashion police bringing in people wearing ES Collection garments on charges of looking just too damn good.

 The colors are perfectly matched. The designs are top of the line, and the comfort level is supreme. Even when they occasionally tone it down a little in order to produce something a bit more casual, you are still left with a unique and stylish piece of clothing, such as this ES Collection Music Print tank T-shirt in deliciously matched mint and white.

So, if you have a deep sense of style and are looking for supreme comfort, browse through the ES Collection at today and select a product so attractive, it should be outlawed!

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