Observing the changing trends in the fashion industry, it will not be wrong to say that top designers have entirely shifted their focus to men’s underwear these days. Till a few years back, the underwear segment had been neglected by designers. Efforts were combined to bring forth stylish menswear but very few designers experimented with new underwear designs. Times have changed and many designers of today’s generation are creating exclusive underwear that fashionable men find immensely comfortable and sporty.

Although G string underwear, jockstrap underwear, thongs underwear, bikini underwear and pouch underwear are some of the popular styles in men’s underwear today, no one can deny the increasing demand of boxer brief underwear that made its appearance in the men’s fashion industry during the 1990s. Learning about the immense popularity of boxer brief underwear, designers have put in their utmost efforts to make boxer briefs look raunchy, bold and sexy.

Boxer brief underwear, which is supposed to be most comfortable, is made in amazingly versatile designs these days. Gone are the days when men had to settle for typical colours like black, brown, white or grey when looking for boxer briefs. Now, you can get boxer brief underwear in a variety of colours and designs. Whether you are dressing up casually or getting ready for your workout sessions, boxer brief underwear can always elevate your comfort level.

Many internationally acclaimed brands have come up with innovative designs and styles in boxer brief underwear, but Ginch Gonch is one brand that has actually made boxer brief underwear excessively colourful and cheeky. Defying conventions, Ginch Gonch has come up with some truly funky boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and jock strap underwear styles that have found their way into men’s wardrobes straight away.

If you have a fetish for unconventional, bold, flamboyant and funky designs, then Ginch Gonch I Love TV Boxer Brief Underwear is just perfect for you. Designed with a broad waistband, Ginch Gonch I Love TV Boxer Brief Underwear is simply funky and alluring. The broad waistband has the brand name labelled on it. Just reveal the waistband from under your low-rise jeans or pants and attract everyone’s attention around you! The unique, bold and colourful patterns on the black background make this pair of boxer brief underwear really racy and voguish! Designed with a roomy pouch, form-fitting Ginch Gonch I Love TV Boxer Brief Underwear can ensure optimum comfort to the wearer.

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