The most basic part of a person’s wardrobe is their underwear. If the men’s underwear does not fit well then the actual clothes that you do put on will not be able to give you a comfortable appearance. For the development of a great wardrobe and for a great appearance it is therefore essential that the best underwear is chosen and one with the best fit possible. Underwear with a good fit will provide good support to the body and make you feel comfortable.

The easiest fit as far as styles are concerned is with boxers. Since they are essentially loose fitting, the fit of boxers is comfortable and relaxed. But the determination of the correct size of the other styles of underwear like briefs, jockstraps, etc is a different thing altogether. Since they remain fitted and give your body a sculpting effect, choosing the correct fit for those styles is very essential. The measurement of the body is very essential for the correct selection of size, with special emphasis on your hips and waist.

However, while shopping for underwear the type of underwear and the wearer’s physique must be kept in mind. The general rule regarding the fit of underwear is that the fit at the waistband should be snug, never digging in or chaffing the skin of the wearer.

When you try on men’s underwear, move around or make small jumps in the same spot. You can even lean forwards and do some squats to check flexibility. The in-seam area of the men’s underwear is one part which must be paid special attention to. Too short an in-seam makes the underwear ride up in odd situations, which can prove to be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing, as you have to adjust your underwear constantly.

While purchasing brief underwear, the size of the waistband should be the same as your trousers, while the size of boxer shorts should be larger by one size than the usual size of your waistband. The best fit of underwear is often dependent on a trial and error method, so you can experiment with different styles and sizes.

Often, the material of the swimwear has to be taken into consideration while finding the correct fit. In case of stretchable fabric, trying out a pair of the underwear is the best thing. In general, there are four sizes for the underwear- small, medium, large and extra large.

However, to get the best fit, you can try measuring yourself using a measuring tape. The measuring tape should be placed at that part of the waist where you think you are going to wear your underwear. This will make the fit of the underwear most comfortable, which should be just above the hip bone. Make the placement of the measuring tape flat on your skin with no part of it twisted. A snug fit can be ensured if you see that there is no slack during the measuring. The right size can be arrived at by comparing the size you get with the size chart for the brand. You can easily do this from the comfort of your home before you order the underwear online.

The one thing you must remember before buying a pair of men’s underwear is the fact that different brands and labels have different sizes. So, it is better to measure your size properly first and then buy your underwear to ensure that you get the best fit.

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