Earlier, it was believed that only women were overtly conscious and fastidious about styles and dressing. Men were known to remain aloof from the world of fashion. However in recent times, this trend has changed a lot. Men are now becoming more and more conscious about their dressing and a fashionable man is extremely choosy about his dressing – both his outerwear as well as his underwear.

A momentary glance at men’s underwear segment throws light on the demands of men. Fashion designers are constantly bringing forward chic, sporty, contemporary and sexy underwear designs that are immediately picked by men. Apart from making traditional boxers and briefs quite trendy, these designers have come up with other raunchy styles in underwear like G string underwear, thong underwear, jockstrap underwear and bikini underwear. Bikini underwear has been often redesigned to make it more comfortable and chic and is called string bikini brief underwear.

The level of comfort is always elevated in string bikini brief underwear and this could be one reason why men prefer this type of underwear. Needs and requirements vary from one man to another, and Groovin is one brand that has been catering to the demands of men worldwide since its inception. Looking at Groovin String Bikini Brief Underwear one can see that it has been designed keeping a well-toned, muscular male physique in mind.

Since comfort was their main priority, Groovin designers have designed this string bikini brief underwear with full back and front panels and the sides are provided with ultra-thin strings. As a result, you are always in comfort and ease. This underwear is made from nylon (92%) and lycra (8%) and stretches adequately. This trendy string bikini brief underwear is available in a wide range of colours like black, white, orange, yellow, pink, and red and sky blue. You can also pick your preferable size as this underwear is offered in four different sizes- extra small, small, medium and large.

Groovin is a popular brand creating some stylish menswear. All their outfits are Japanese and designed to suit the male physique. Groovin is a well-known brand not only in Japan, but in many other countries. Their speciality lies in the usage of vibrant colours and high quality fabrics. Any Groovin product like their boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear or their bikini underwear can simply boost your sex appeal!

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