Rufskin is all about showing it all, telling it like it is, screaming, “I`m sexy, look at me!” without actually saying it out loud. Your body is your weapon, and Rufskin is the ammo. There`s nothing subtle about it. A modern day warrior like you fires all his weapons. Use what nature gave you, and let Rufskin take care of the rest. Show them what you’ve got in the best way possible.

Handmade and original, Rufskin garments give men pleasure, excitement and comfort all at the same time. They’re nothing short of perfect. Rufskin is obsessed with finding new materials for their collection and constantly defies conventional thinking. They like to think of their designs as unique, completely opposite to what everyone else is expected to wear.

Rufskin is devoted to making men more self-confidant and masculine, and their underwear and denim is created with several purposes in mind: to shock and inspire awe; to confuse and amaze; to bring sexy underwear to a whole new level.  You don`t just fall in love with Rufskin underwear, you become addicted to it. You cherish it. You treasure it. You adore it.

The Rufskin line has striking color combinations, unique designs, unmatched sport lounge pants, denim thong swimwear, unique see-through tank tops and shorts, and much, much more. Their range is extensive and covers all your needs, desires and obsessions.

The Rufskin product line at will feel like a second skin to you. You’ll never feel the urge to come home and take it off. This is not what Rufskin is about. They never sacrifice comfort for appearance.

Visit and purchase you Rufskin garment today!

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