Elite Men's Underwear

Sent from the Greek Gods of Olympus to Bring Divine Pleasure to Mortals – Meet the Elite Rome Black Thong!

The Elite Rome black thong is something you wear when your sexual libido is at its peak, or at least when you want to get it there. An extremely powerful garment designed for men who need to feel superior at all times, this thong is created using a perfectly balanced blend of high-tech fabrics that provide amazing comfort and support, allowing you to wear them under your favorite jeans or your fanciest suit. No matter what the occasion, you`ll walk with your head held high.

Made from a sinful combination of high quality, South American cotton (58%), Grade A nylon (13%) and superb spandex (13%), the Elite Rome black thong is a physical manifestation of your most erotic dreams.  The visionary mixture of these three fabrics caresses your skin and induces a blood rush every time you wear them. This super low rise thong is created solely in sexy, mysterious black with alluring transparency patches running along both sides to the back that reveal just enough to entice. All the stitching is double, keeping you supported during even the most extreme activities and providing you with durability well worth your money.

Make no mistake. In addition to being one of the most enticing thongs on the market, the Elite Rome black thong is also at the top of what the underwear industry has to offer with respect to design, technology and fabrics, so visit DealByEthan.com and pick up yours today!

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