Muscles, jocks, sweaty sports…are you a team player?

If you want to be a champion, you have to act like a champion and look like a champion. This is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to get behind the wheel and steer yourself in the right direction? Start living your life like a lion, not a mouse. Drag the “Braveheart” inside of you out in the open and dress him in Teamm8 underwear and swimwear. That`s all it`ll take to give your natural competitive side a boost. Maybe if you put on something like this gorgeous red Teamm8 swimming lane bikini, you might go a step or two in the right direction. It`s made from super-light nylon and elastane that hugs your curves perfectly, and it looks so intense, you`ll be sure to chase off any nearby sharks looking for a quick snack!

Teamm8 is a brand for team players, guys who understand that life is about challenges, exploring your limits, conquering them, and then finding new ones and doing it all over again. They have developed garments for winners, an extensive line of underwear and swimwear designed to emphasize your victor mentality.

Browse through the largest Teamm8 collection on the web at today and give yourself an edge that just might push you into being more than you ever thought possible.

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