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The Arroyman Short-sleeved Body Suit Thong

Are you up for some good, old-fashioned sex appeal? Meet the Arroyman short-sleeved body suit thong!

Like good, old-fashioned hip-hop, good, old-fashioned sex appeal involves a voyage back to the basics. Sex appeal is first and foremost your attractiveness or desirability to others that originates from your manly physique. A lot of fashion designers these days seem to have forgotten this fundamental fact. In addition, the function of clothes is not to turn you into something you’re not. They are meant to reflect and accentuate what you are and present that in a compelling way, which is what happens when you purchase a basic, yet highly enticing garment like the Arroyman short-sleeved body suit thong.

The Arroyman short-sleeved body suit thong is as basic as you can get, but basic in the sense that it acknowledges the true contours of a real man`s body without hiding anything or adding anything extra. You get what you see. No frills, but a lot of thrills!

The Arroyman short-sleeved body suit thong has a sizzling hot thong at the back and is made from Tactel, an amazingly soft and stretchy blend of 80% nylon and 20% lycra elasthane that feels so good on your skin it`s almost criminal. The fabric is extremely flexible, and conforms to your body perfectly, better than any other garment on the market.

So, get down to the basics and get yourself an Arroyman short-sleeved body suit thong at Let the real you shine through!

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