Ergowear Swimwear

The Ergowear X3D Blue Bikini Swimsuit

Does going to the beach turn you on?

It just might, especially if you get a glance of yourself in the mirror wearing the blue Ergowear X3D bikini swimsuit  at some point. Ergowear is a swimwear and underwear manufacturer that strives to please its designers, brand managers and customers. It is here to give you your place under the sun, literally make you a trend setter, turn heads and make people talk about you behind your back. You don`t mind that, do you? Because if you can`t take being in the spotlight, this bikini may not be for you.

Every single detail of the blue Ergowear X3D bikini swimsuit is crafted specifically to accentuate your male assets and make you irresistible. It comes with a draw-cord for safe diving and a unique three-dimensional pouch that slightly lifts and draws your genitals away from your legs and into a more natural position, enhancing them and providing you with feelings of pure joy.

The Ergowear X3D Bikini is made from a soft, durable, fast-drying and extremely breathable blend of nylon and Lycra. Since this fabric doesn`t absorb moisture, the water flows freely away from the suit and dries off in record time. What Ergowear does with its briefs, it did with this bikini. This brand is known for their anatomically superior underwear, and the same rule applies to their swimwear line. Turn yourself and others on by buying the blue Ergowear X3D bikini swimsuit at today.

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