Spiked Streetwear is one of the brands manufactured by Macri Brothers Clothing and as one of their three brands, it has made a name for itself in the market for quality materials used as well as the different designs and patterns used in the t shirts that they produce. Whether you are looking for basic mono coloured short sleeved t shirts or t shirts with unconventional prints that reflect the individuality in you and exudes streetwear chic- Spiked Streetwear is the one for you!

There can be no two opinions about the quality of materials used in the making of Spiked Streetwear products. The material used is 100% combed cotton which is exquisitely soft and comfortable to be worn for all day purposes! Yes! You can wear them all day long and still feel no discomfort as the material instigates proper airflow. The t shirts in general are quite lightweight as well, with most made of 180 grams GSM cotton. They are pre shrunk and enzyme washed to give you the best fit and ensure superior colour protection.

In additional to the soft material used the use of velvet neck tape adds to the level of comfort experienced by the wearer. The fit is great with a great slimming effect give to the wearer. Either of the left or right sleeves is labelled with “CAPTAINS ARMBRAND” which is the trademark of Spiked Streetwear.

Most of the designs and patterns are exclusive and limited edition, which makes sure that you stand out in a crowd and nobody looks quite like you do!

You can choose from their V necks and round neck t shirts, but you can be assured that all the features like materials and comfort will remain the same no matter what style you choose.

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