The creator of Lick underwear, Ben Sawyer had one motto in mind when creating the underwear styles- to provide men with underwear that is roomy with plenty of breathing space. Thus, Lick underwear provides the perfect fit with ergonomic designs that are comfortable for men with all kinds of lifestyles!

There are styles of underwear produced by Lick underwear like brief underwear, jock strap underwear and boxer brief underwear. There are 4 ranges of underwear for the styles as well- Classic, Individual, Kinky and Leisure.

The main USP of Lick underwear is their fits and designs. Another point of mention is the vibrancy of their styles, patterns and colours! The fun factor of the brand is also reflected on the underwear, which in turn does not fail to reflect on the wearer! In fact, their different styles and ranges cater to people belonging to different lifestyles.

The boxer brief underwear of Lick is available in a variety of vibrant and fun colours. There are solid coloured boxer briefs as well as ones with individual patterns on them. The waistband is in white elastic, and gives the wearer a highlighting affect. The material used is a blend of 5% elastane and 95% cotton. The tailored fit gives enhanced support to the wearer. This style is also available in interesting check patterns, which use the colours and combine to achieve a wonderful look for the underwear!

The brief underwear of Lick boasts of energetic designs which are individualistic in nature. The tailored fit is aimed at giving you great comfort and enhanced support. The pouch of the underwear is classic and the design is such that it not only accentuates but also offers comfort which is absolutely unparalleled! The designs and use of colours are different and amazing.

The jockstrap range of Lick underwear falls under the Kinky collection and is available in colours like white, black and pink. The waistband consists of white elastic and colours like black and pink offer a great contrast. The back is open with full frontal coverage.

The material used is of high quality and the designs appeal to the sporty and athletic side of the male. If you are the outgoing type, then you will surely love their designs and they will really appeal to you. The underwear lets you have fun and be comfortable without compromising on the style factor!

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