Shorts are preferred by most men. Whenever you plan a short trip, or simply relax at home, or play some sport, you always prefer shorts. Shorts never go out of fashion but always appear with new innovations. Designers are always eager to create some exclusive designs that are eye-catchers. In the last few decades various experiments were made with the designs of shorts. However 4-rth Eco Track, a brand from Los Angeles has made certain innovations with shorts that are unique.

The line was launched in Los Angeles by a man called Doug who was into private banking. However the problems of global warming and love for his planet agitated him time and again. He was thinking of clothing whose consumption would not harm mother earth and at the same time be stylish. His thoughts found the way through his line 4-rth Eco Track. This is one brand that believes in producing clothings that are eco-friendly. The products are manufactured from tree fibers that are skin- friendly. The line of track shorts introduced by this brand is made from birch tree fiber, thereby providing utmost comfort. This brand specializes in variety of clothing like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, pants, short sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts etc.

4-rth Eco Track Shorts is not only comfortable but quite chic, making you the trend setter. The product is hand made and therefore ensures lightness and feathery feel.  The shorts are knee-length and trimmed in a particular manner that makes you look fashionable. The shorts are also provided with front pockets that have stitch lining in green and an inside pocket for you to carry your handy gadgets and other small essentials. The track shorts are also provided with a Luxe 1/ 2’’ draw string that helps you adjust the track shorts. The shorts is designed is a manner that it perfectly fits to the body but does not make you uncomfortable.  This is your perfect apparel for workout sessions, sports and outdoor activities. So now sports lovers with athletic bodies go and grab your 4-rth Eco Track Shorts!

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