Are you looking for underwear that is totally worth the money spent on it? Then McKillop is the best option for you! Their brand of underwear is defined by their refined stylishness and luxuriousness and that too without being too extravagant on your pocket! They are healthy and comfortable as well and can hold the package safely and securely in place. Your search for the best underwear within the best budget ends with McKillop!

The underwear brand has been founded and designed by Ryan McKillop, the Canadian designer. The amazing product is the result of relentless inventiveness, meticulousness and research. The main feature of their brand of underwear is the amazingly designed pouch! The pouch is designed to provide the best support and protection as well as allow you to move very naturally.

The breathable and soft mesh that is used for making the pouch makes it perfectly comfortable to be worn even for long periods of time. So, even if you have been out on a sunny day for a long time or have been undertaking some strenuous activity you may be assured that the sweat will evaporate quickly! The pouch comes fitted with a support ring which may be optional. The ring provides extra support against unintentional and awkward slips. They can even help enhance the package so that the overall appearance can be improved!

The collection of jockstraps by McKillop is a collection that is bound to leave you breathless! The low cut underwear has been blessed with a pouch that is not only large but expandable as well! It gives support, extraordinary, lift and enhances the natural movement of the wearer. The cups are made of breathable and sheer mesh of 12% spandex and 88% nylon which makes for the perfect amount of stretchability. The snug leg straps help you stay put in place and the virtue of the backless design is that the clothing outside sit perfectly and gives you the best appearance!

One of the most attractive products of the brand is their backless floating pouch underwear available in attractive colours. The pouch can be easily lifted so as to provide the maximum possible exposure!

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