All the boys like it. They like the way it feels, so soft and sexy…after all, it`s 4Boys!

When would you say that something is for boys? Would you call yourself a boy? Don`t be so quick to dismiss the idea. We`re sure that there’s a playful boy inside of you, looking at the world with his eyes wide open, reaching out and touching things, just to see how they feel. Maybe you even reach into your old toy box once in a while and play around with your favorite fire truck (or at least think about it). At the end of the day, there`s a little boy inside of all of us that`s both innocent and prankish, naughty and nice, and there`s nothing wrong with that.

The creators of 4Boys underwear and gymwear know this. Their garments are designed to bring back the joy of discovering how it is to be a boy again, of enjoying something new and different, something playful and innocent, something colorful and captivating. The boy within you is curious. He’s fashionable and modern and loves trying out new things.

4Boys produces garments with innovative designs, vibrant and mesmerizing colors and the finest fabrics, such as combed pure cotton. Being a socially sensitive and responsible company, 4Boys pride themselves in having happy and well paid workers who produce their garments only in the USA, without any funny business abroad. They also donate a portion of their profits to the ONE Campaign, which is committed to ending hunger, poverty and disease throughout the world.

Didn`t the boy inside of you once want to save the world? Well, now`s your chance, and you only have to buy a pair of 4Boys underwear at to do it!

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