If you’re searching for something luxurious, refined and stylish, as well as comfortable and healthy – something worthy of holding your package – then your search is finally over. Canadian designer, Ryan McKillop, has created something that men all around the world will feel proud to own: top of the line, fashionable, stylish and sexy McKillop pouch underwear and jock straps.

What`s so special about them? McKillop is a brand that is well aware of the problems of modern

men. Their research, inventiveness and meticulous development of underwear have enabled them to create an amazing product: pouch underwear that provides you with the ability to move naturally and gives you the best protection and support on the market.

These pouches are made from soft, breathable mesh that breathes life into your package. They come with an optional support ring so that you avoid awkward, unintentional slips, and it can be lifted to enhance your package and improve its appearance.

Check out this provocative, hair-raising McKillop thin band backless floating pouch in mysterious black. It features a thin 1.5″ waistband that will go unnoticed above your pant line.

The backless designs in McKillop garments also allow your pants to hang in a more natural position, finally allowing the natural sex appeal of your backside to shine through without any lines to mess with its perfection.

Check out the McKillop collection at DealByEthan.com today. It’ll be the best decision you ever made!

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