6 Simple Accessories to Ramp Up Your Style

Women’s fashion trends are constantly being talked about – in social circles, in the media, and wherever you go. However, there’s a whole lot less being said about fashion trends in a man’s world, which can make it harder for us to be able to style the perfect outfit.

Even when men’s fashion is discussed, there’s very little emphasis placed on the art of accessorising, as this is an aspect of style that’s largely considered as belonging to women. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Every man should know how to use accessories to perfect their style and take an outfit from drab to classy or cool in moments. Here are some simple things to consider.


Sunglasses are functional, true, but they can also add to your look with very little effort. A cool pair of sunglasses can make a casual outfit effortlessly cooler and make you look a little more put-together.

If you need to wear prescription glasses, make sure they suit your style too. You can find classy tortoise shell glasses for men online, or opt for a simple, black square frame for a classic look.


The colder months are the perfect time to focus on your accessories, and scarves should be your first plan of action. Investing in a few high-quality scarves of different styles and colours can instantly transform your outfit and make it look like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to style.

Draped over a simple T-shirt, this can create the ultimate casual look, or paired with a long coat, you can look ready for anything.


Winter is also the perfect time to wear hats – cosy beanies will keep you warm but can also pull together any casual outfit.

You can wear hats in the summertime too for a sporty and fun vibe. If you’re not a typical cap kind of guy, there are loads of types of hats to choose from. Find something that suits your style


One of the most important day-to-day accessories for a man is a good watch. Beautiful watches can look incredibly classy and will catch loads of looks, which is why opting for a luxury watch is a great idea.

This is one area to splurge in, so invest in a beautiful timepiece that will last you a lifetime and you won’t regret it.


Another crucial accessory for men is a good belt and buckle. This is an item you’ll wear almost every day, so it’s another style piece worth spending good money on. Not only do you want your belts to look good and match well with the clothing you own, but you also want them to last well and be durable.

Real leather is one of the best options, but if you’re vegan then there will be plenty of other, high-quality options to look into.


Finally, if you’re not afraid to commit to something more invasive than a pair of sunnies, then you might consider getting a piercing!

Piercings are a great way to show off your unique style and catch a few eyes too if that’s your goal.

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