Whether you have a high income or are just getting by, scraping for rent and food, your wallet is an integral part of your identity. The Ancient Greeks considered a wallet to be more a survival pack than anything else, which is a great description of an accessory that none of us could live without. It is our much treasured companion. It reflects our identity, reveals our personality and gives us a sense of confidence.

Considering its extreme importance, it is vital that we choose our wallets well, and the Ducti 3Sum wallet fulfills all the usual requirements in a wallet and more. Constructed in 100% duct tape, the Ducti 3Sum wallet features a convenient money clip and a flip-out ID holder, as well as two exterior credit card pockets and a nickel plated grommet eyelet. It`s extremely savvy, modern, stylish, wild and fun, unlike any wallet you can find on the market today. You make a statement just by reaching into it for a bill or a credit card.

Visit DealByEthan.com today and secure your valuables in style with the Ducti 3Sum wallet.

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