Ajaxx63 is more than just a brand for gay men. It’s about having the guts to be who you are!

The Ajaxx63 product line includes some very provocative T-shirts with the most daring of prints, such as this Ajaxx63 Swallows Contrast Ringer T-shirt or the Ajaxx63 “F*ck buddy” T-Shirt. Shock the people around you. Amaze and outrage. Forget about subtlety. Feel like bragging a little? Why not walk out the door wearing this Ajaxx63 “Built for endurance” regular tee .

Ajaxx63 T-shirts say the things you don’t always feel like saying yourself. After all, even the founders of this high profile gay brand like to think of their creations as “fashion with a message; be proud of who you are”. While you`re showing off your hard earned biceps and pecs, you could also be provoking strangers to steal a glance at you or even approach you. The Ajaxx63 contrast ringer “Define Boyfriend” T-shirt would make a perfect conversation starter during such encounters.

Ajaxx63 T-shirts and tank tops are so popular that they have appeared regularly on hit series such as “Queer as Folk”, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, “What Not to Wear”, “Open Bar”, “MTV” and “Q Television”.

Ajaxx63 creators are obsessed with the look and feel of their products. This is why they only use the finest cotton that perfectly hugs your body. They constantly research all aspects of gay life in order to discover what makes you guys tick and what you need and want. Their garments and hats are, in their own words, “clever, sexy and edgy”.

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