Whether you are jogging or exercising or simply relaxing- shorts can be ideal apparel for such purposes. In the sweltering heat or during a workout, shorts often prove to be the best option. Now, for a very long time designers have been trying to make this plain looking apparel a bit chic, experimenting with the design, colours and the fabric. Their efforts finally bore fruit. In recent times, you see garment shops and malls flooded with amazingly stylish and modish shorts designed from high quality fabrics. CA-RIO-CA is one such brand, whose ace designers have changed shorts from an ordinary outfit to chic apparel.

Just look at these modish CA-RIO-CA Pockets Mesh Shorts! They are made from pure polyester, ensuring elasticity and stretchability. It is because of this fabric that these shorts are quite suitable for gym sessions, jogging or other exercises. The design of these shorts is simply mind-blowing. The openings at the side and at the leg are trimmed with a fabric that is white in colour and it has contrasting stitching. You can also find pockets in this shorts. If you look at a pair, you will see how traditional shorts have got a trendier look in the hands of the ace designers of CA-RIO-CA. Moreover, these shorts are made from polyester, and are quite light in weight and provide immense comfort to the wearer.

CA-RIO-CA is a renowned brand manufacturing mens swimwear and apparel. Originating from a place called Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this line of menswear has gained popularity in different parts of the world.  The name CA-RIO-CA is derived from the place itself. A resident of Rio de Janeiro is called a Carioca. This also shows that the brand has inculcated the local flavour of this city in its various outfits. Each outfit is crafted from high-quality fabric and the designs simply enhance a man’s physique. You can find bikini swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts, short-sleeved T-shirts and other mens apparel made by this brand.

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