Let’s talk underwear. Some guys settle for comfort, and that’s all they expect. White or black – the colour doesn’t matter. They just want to feel comfortable all day long. Smart? Sure, but it can also be boring – with a capital B.

The classy guy is the one who wants to look fabulous in his clothes or out of them. He’s the one with the cool haircut, the trendy shoes and the shirt that belongs on a runway. Does he want to feel comfortable in his underwear? Oh, yeah. But he wants a stylish place to “hang out in”, too.

Yes! He wants to hang with the Big Boys in the fashion world. They’ve got it all. Big Boys underwear made of silky modal and elastane material that provide around the clock comfort and are soft enough to sleep in. Boxer briefs with just a little leg or mini-briefs without. These feel so good and showcase your . . . umm . . . whatever you’ve got that you want showcased!

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