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And Now for Something Completely Different – Pistol Pete Garments!

Are there any people in your life you would like to metaphorically “pinch on the ass”, people you would like to wake up, shake and shock? You know, those people who don`t seem to ever notice anything. Well, we`ve got something that`s guaranteed to get you noticed, guaranteed to shock and shake things up.

Pistol Pete garments! Check out the Pistol Pete legendary brief, or this incredibly sexy and sleek Pistol Pete three quarter sleeved T-Shirt in green. What about the Pistol Pete Rockin tank top T-shirt? These will make a few jaws drop, wouldn’t you say?

Pistol Pete is always in sync with the latest trends and offers only top of the line designs, colors and ergonomics. Their product line is made to inspire your life with good clean fun, the kind of fun you have with your friends over a couple of beers in the local pub. You`ll just never get enough of them, just like you never get enough laughter, sunshine or good company.

So, shake things up a little in your life with one of the exciting products from the Pistol Pete collection at today!

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