Arroyman Men's Underwear

Arroyman KDT Boxer Brief Underwear – Camouflage

Arroyman draws inspiration from the male physique. Based in Chile, this brand has gained recognition for the simple reason that it designs underwear that become almost like a second skin. The Arroyman range is tailored for men who want underwear that is comfortable, stylish, unique and bold. Not every man wants to reveal all of his assets and prefers underwear that is both stretchable and covers up the essentials. The Arroyman Camouflage KDT Boxer Brief Underwear does exactly this.

The Arroyman Camouflage KDT Boxer Brief Underwear sports a front pouch that is gently reinforced with comfortable elastic, and its special cut provides a unique look that your partner will surely admire. This boxer brief is available in all sizes and is manufactured using a high quality blend of 90% cotton and 10% Elastane Lycra that provides maximum comfort and is soft as a feather to the touch.

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