Cocksox is one Australian brand of sexy men’s underwear that is known for its sheer daring with the designs and styles that it manufactures and flaunts! Ideally, the label should come with a warning, as it is suitable only for those who are man enough to wear their underwear! The dare and nerve required to wear underwear from this brand surely deserves a special mention. For some time, this brand has been in the market and ever since it started, it has been creating ripples amongst its clients with its innovative creations.

Today, we will be reviewing the bikini brief underwear of Cocksox amongst its many styles of men’s underwear. This style of underwear for men is classic and has been wildly popular ever since the brand came into being. The standard style is available in a few basic colours- white, black, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, etc.

This particular style of men’s underwear was launched with an extraordinary pouch design which has remained as a staple despite the various styles and cuts of underwear made by this brand. Two pouch sizes are made available by Cocksox for the bikini brief style- a snug pouch and the extreme original. Despite the name snug, the pouch has ample space. This style is available in only black and white colours.

The fabric that the bikini brief style of underwear for men uses is a mix of 8% lycra and 92% supplex, which makes it very smooth and soft, so you will be comfortable wearing it for long hours. There is some amount of stretch to the material and it is on the thin side.

The classic bikini design is accentuated by the design of the brief’s waistband. The minimal low profile is 3/8 inch and the elastic band is fully covered and secures the leg bands and waist. There is almost full back coverage with some amount of material covering the back, hugging your curves quite closely.

The brief underwear of Cocksox has a front which often curves downwards in a slight scoop like shape. A single piece of cloth forms the bikini brief’s pouch and the centre seam is flat which allows extreme shaping. The pouch allows lifting and shaping of the wearer’s private parts. A variety of features make this style of sexy men’s underwear a staple for those who like a bit of spice to everything.

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