JOCKO Underwear brand is revolutionary in the styles and new and innovative products that it brings to the market! The sexy men’s underwear is truly different from the rest of crowd of men’s underwear. The brand redefines the meaning of fun with the unique collections that it showcases.

JOCKO Underwear brand was founded in the year 2008 by Michael Lee and in this very short span of time has managed to impress all in the world of fashion and especially those who actually count- the clients. The client list and sale of JOCKO Underwear is pretty impressive for a company that has not been in the fashion industry for a long time either.

JOCKO manufactures a huge variety of men’s underwear like bikini swimwear, jock strap underwear and swimwear, boxer brief underwear, long boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, short swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, short sleeved shirts and t shirts, tank top t shirts, shorts, muscle top t shirts, etc.

Each of their creations has unique styling, and come under different collections and names. There are collection names like Ray, Jethro, Roger, Adam, Jeffrey, Lorenzo, etc.

Bikini swimwear made by JOCKO is low rise and high cut with front logo and flat waistband. Contrast binding is another feature of the swimwear and there are different prints in different colour combinations to choose from.

Brief and boxer brief underwear from JOCKO are more or less built the same way and basically come in white or cream based shades. The fabric used for them is 100% cotton. Although low rise, there is full seat coverage and a full pouch. The finest yarn which goes into the knitting gives you the softest feeling even after repeated washing. The style, fit and comfort is unparalleled. The style is also available in mesh which is composed of a mix of 3% lycra and 97% microfiber nylon.

Jock strap underwear from JOCKO is composed of different fabrics and materials for its different parts to make it absolutely comfortable and functional. The leg strap or waistband is made of 30% elastomer rubber and 70% polyester, and the pouch a mix of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The fit is snug and supportive. The fabric is of high quality and the craftsmanship excellent.

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