Lord Underwear is a Greek brand which has true Greek dignity and a certain amount of royalty to its appearance. When you wear Lord Underwear for men you will feel a dignity imparted to your appearance which in turn will definitely affect your confidence levels and the way people perceive you. Another thing that is quite regal about this brand is the material used by it. The material used to create each piece of men’s underwear is 100% natural and hypo allergic cotton, which ensures that you remain cool and comfortable at all times!

The variety of men’s underwear and apparel produced by Lord Underwear includes brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, long sleeved t shirts, g string underwear, long underwear pants, muscle top t shirts, boxer shorts underwear, tank top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts, etc.

Boxer brief underwear by Lord Underwear is available in many colours and variations but the basic features remain the same. The front pouch is so constructed to offer you the best lift and support. The material is a mix of elastane and cotton which make their men’s underwear very comfortable.

More than 35 variations are available in the brief underwear made by Lord Underwear. The use of prints and patterns is restrained with more emphasis given on the sophistication of men’s underwear. The approach is classy and sober. In this material, cotton dominates with proportions of 95% to even 100%. In some cases, there is the slight inclusion of lycra which gives it a perfect fit.

Lord Underwear for men has g string underwear with a slight glossy or shiny finish which makes it very sexy and attractive. The result is a unique piece of apparel for men.

When it comes to boxer shorts underwear, Lord Underwear deviates from its policy of keeping everything subtle and sober. Their boxer shorts are brightly patterned in a variety of fun prints and vibrant colours. You can get them side open as well as with two buttons on the front and side and the material used for the underwear is dominated by cotton. The style and cut leaves plenty of room for men who love their freedom and initiate lots of air flow to make it absolutely comfortable for the wearer.

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