Ballbra underwear. They’re bras, but not just any kind of bras. They’re very special bras – made just for men!

This specialized underwear is designed for men to provide a unique, erotic and more comfortable undergarment experience. An unusual and extremely creative product, the Ballbra lifts and separates the male genitals and is highly recommended for less self-assured men to improve their masculine confidence.

The Ballbra for Men

As mentioned, Ballbra underwear provides the wearer with an exclusively unique and exciting experience. Each Ballbra has a carefully designed pouch to provide a man with supreme genital comfort. You can decide whether you want to “hang loose and free” or tuck your assets inside the pouch for a more comfortable experience. The adventurous Ballbra jockstrap collection features: 

  • two leg straps located in the back, just like a traditional jock.
  • distinctive Ballbra pouch that provides protection and comfort for the genitals.
  • a soft blend of cotton and elastane.

If you’re looking to liven things up in the bedroom, Ballbra underwear is the perfect choice as it enhances your manhood and is almost too sexy for words.

For Large and Small

Ballbra caters to the needs of men as depicted in its slogan, “Ballbra for a man’s big and small balls.” Ballbra underwear is specially designed to function like the typical women’s bra with a cup-like pouch to hold the balls in place and allow the penis full freedom of movement, which makes it ideal for either making love or masturbation. The Ballbra collection includes briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps and G-strings, all of which feature the unique harness pouches for the utmost in comfort and convenience.

Place your order today at and give your assets the kind of care they deserve. Ballbra – the perfect underwear for the modern man.

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