California Muscle Men's Underwear

California Muscle: Release the Passion in Your Partner

Have you been looking for something to inflame your partner’s passions, make her so bursting with animal heat that all she wants to do is pounce on you like a wildcat? Toys are one thing, but nothing can come close to the effect the right underwear has on a woman. And while choosing enticing men’s underwear can be tough, has the answer. The hottest men’s underwear collection on the web – California Muscle.  

California Muscle boasts a collection ranging from enhancing thongs and provocative swimwear to bodysuits and jock straps. Some of their garments include: 

  • mesh and sheer bikinis
  • g-strings
  • jock straps
  • briefs
  • boxers
  • boxer briefs
  • thongs
  • Thong leotards
  • underwear with enhancing pouch
  • backless menswear
  • active wear shorts
  • gym tights
  • tank top T-shirts

Working with the Experts

California Muscle designers work around the clock to provide men with what they desire in their underwear. They ensure that each piece in the collection adheres to their exciting and innovative fashion concept to provide men with styles that are one step ahead of the rest. In addition, California Muscle garments are made in the United States, which also gives them an edge with respect to quality and manufacturing standards.

Redefining Boundaries

California Muscle’s unique line of outrageously erotic men’s underwear pushes fashion boundaries by incorporating distinctive innovations such as C-rings and easy access openings. They utilize only the finest, most comfortable fabrics, ranging from their lush sheers and mesh to their popular signature leather. California Muscle is the brand for men who seek adventure, thrill and passion in their private lives.

So what are you waiting for? Get your California Muscle apparel at and release the wild passion in your partner today!

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