Eros. The ancient Greek god of love, sex and beauty; the god that symbolized the heat and passion that love and sexual desire induce in human beings. That passion was often considered a kind of madness, and if you`ve ever been in love, or felt that animal attraction towards a certain someone, you know exactly what we`re talking about.

2 Eros (“To Eros”) is this ancient deity’s mediator here on earth. This swimwear and underwear brand succeeds in infusing the passion and desire of Eros into the very essence of its garments. How they have managed to do it is as difficult to explain as why we fall in love in the first place, but take a look at the 2Eros U01.01 Icon brief in pastel and vibrant light blue, and you’ll see what we mean. It`s made from a fantastically balanced mixture of cotton and spandex for supreme fit and comfort. In addition, it wraps around your package like a glove, while accentuating your physique to make you look like a Greek god and drive your suitors mad!

2Eros garments allow the god Eros to literally speak through you. They make you look and feel sexy and masculine, and are guaranteed to bring passion into your life by boosting your self-confidence. Try a day at the beach in this 2Eros V01.03 Black Victory gold swimsuit. With the large V for “Victory” emblazoned on the front and back, you`ll feel like a king, a winner and a god!

If you want only the best in your life, only things worthy of the gods themselves, browse through the 2Eros collection of swimwear and underwear at and discover the 2Eros garment that perfectly expresses the god that you are.

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