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Baskit: It`s Like Your Eyes Are Having Sex!

Have you ever felt ecstatic just looking at something that is so harmonic and aesthetically perfect that you felt tingles at the back of your neck? It`s like your eyes are making love with it. You know how this stuff works. The pleasure centre in your brain activates and pours those sweet hormones into your bloodstream, causing your heart to beat a little faster, your breath to accelerate, your skin to tremble, and then in the next second…pure, unadulterated joy.

This is what the designers of Baskit underwear and swimwear are trying to achieve. They are obsessed with their designs, and they want that obsession to infect you when you look at and wear their garments. Their products are tributes to the company’s constant striving for perfectionism and inventiveness. Check out a few of their garments, such as the orange Baskit action cool all mesh vermillion bikini brief, made of 100% cotton to ensure the complete comfort of your assets, or the sexy Baskit Lucky Nines blue Riviera bikini.

If you care enough about what you see in the mirror and don’t tolerate anything less than perfection when it comes to your underwear and swimwear, Baskit tailors garments that will definitely satisfy all of your needs. Their high quality garments are double stitched and have a 1×1 rib on the trim. Browse through the extensive Baskit collection at and try one of their great products. It`s a safe bet that you`ll never wear anything else after you`ve gone Baskit!

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