American style comes to people of various nationalities through NY JOX menswear. The American sensibilities of bold, brash and comfort are clearly reflected in the underwear of NY JOX menswear. The company was found in the year 2009 and since then, its marked difference from the rest of its competitors has resulted in its increasing popularity.

NY JOX menswear produces a variety of menswear in unique styles and cuts like long sleeved t shirts, jock strap underwear, shorts, muscle top t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc. All of their articles have the uniqueness of NY JOX menswear that sets them apart.

Jock strap underwear of NY JOX menswear can be got in many styles. For those who like simple things in life, there is the jock strap underwear of NY JOX menswear which is simple and elegant in design. These styles are meant just for functionality and are extremely comfortable and are available in low rise. The pouch is stretchable and contoured giving great support and lift. The material gives great ventilation to your private parts. For those who want a little bit extra from their jock strap underwear, there is the lace up football jock which has a lace up style front. This lace up feature helps you adjust the fit. It also adds a uniqueness and sexiness to the garment.

The shorts made by NY JOX menswear are perfect for all kinds of sporting activities or the gym. The material used is a mix of 10% lycra and 90% cotton, and at the sides of the shorts, there is a v shaped slit which adds up to the comfort factor of the shorts. The left leg is embroidered with the logo of NY JOX. The fit and look of the garment is authentic.

The long sleeved T shirt made by NY JOX menswear is thermal in nature and made of 100% cotton which is waffle woven. The fit of the shirt hugs all the muscles of the wearer, lending a tough and masculine look to him.

NY JOX menswear has a line called ACTIV which is meant for those who are active in physically strenuous activities. It can be worn as part of daily wear or even while paying any sport due to the comfortable material used to craft this range of tees.

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