Wanna fool around? This is the perfect costume to do it in. Meet the Candyman Heartbreak Clown costume!

Clowns are strong theatrical figures invented to entertain audiences, make jokes, relax and make us feel childish and playful again. Beneath our grown-up exteriors, we all have a need to act immature and silly sometimes, and we all like attention. This is why Candyman has created the sexy Heartbreak Clown costume. Can you imagine a more perfect way to get your partner’s attention? This costume will liven up any evening, and whoever your audience may be will be easily pulled into your play.

The bottom part of the costume is a very revealing brief with a clown face and a red nose on the front that everyone will try to squeeze. Do you have a certain someone who`s icy side you want to melt away? This costume will definitely do the trick!

Purchase the fun and enticing Candyman Heartbreak Clown costume at DealByEthan.com today, and be the life of your private party!

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