The cut half-back style of brief is a common Brazilian style and has been popular amongst the styles of women’s underwear! Among men’s underwear it is quite uncommon but slowly it is been accepted as a popular men’s underwear style. The mini cheek boxer launched and produced by Joe Snyder is available in a huge selection of colours and types like pinstripe, sheer, camo and solids!

The material used to style Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer is a blend of 20% spandex and 80% nylon which is stretchable, of medium weight and smooth to touch. It has a shiny finish and gives a great fit!

The underwear cut, although called boxer is far from that. The uniqueness of the cut lies in the fact that there can be no specific category of the style and cut! This unique style almost warrants a different category for itself with its cross between a thong and low rise brief. Fully covered elastic (of ¾ inches) reinforces the waistband and it is not too tight and very comfortable. The tags of fabric content and logo are stacked on the waistband’s interior-back. They are quite large in fact at 1 ¼ inches x 1 ¾ inches

The centre seam of Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer runs downs its backside and is elasticized so that a snug fit can be created between the cheeks! The item of underwear is brief in the back and has an extension of 2 inches from the waistband’s base. The underwear’s back is like a thong, so those who are comfortable wearing thongs will feel no problem in carrying these off with comfort.

The garment’s frontal part has a minimal design except the signature logo of JS which stands for the brand and is located on the pouch’s left side! The single layer material of the pouch makes the underwear quite revealing so it should be worn with some amount of caution. When you wear this underwear, there might be some visible outlines, so take heed of that! The pouch, which is snug, gives you great shape and lift. The low rise at the front and front seam’s deep plunging fit make Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer daring as well!

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