Challenging authority, hot or sexy, daring…Pikante anyone?

Yeah, the title reflects urban dictionary explanations of the word spicy. The word that best describes Pikante underwear line. Wanna know what it`s all about? Being proud as a peacock with your underwear, raising eyebrows, hypnotizing others with color and style.

Pikante underwear is here to make a statement: it won`t be conquered, or told what to do. Just like you, right? There`s nothing subtle about that at all. This underwear is made from wild and crazy stuff. Now, don`t get us wrong, it`s quite comfortable, but it`s major concern is not that Zen. It`s supposed to provoke, irritate, catch attention.  Now, you`re not always going to get a most positive response, but we guarantee, you will get a response. But what do you care what kind of response it is, you just love the attention, right?

Don`t believe us? Just check out Pikante Mesh G-string and say it`s not provocative.  Now, just to show you what are hypnotic colors, check out Pikante Arabesque Boxer Grape. See what we mean? Talk about painting someone a picture about what you are… You could say that Pikante designs are unique, but that would be an understatement. Their design is extraordinary, on the verge of eccentric.

And Pikante doesn`t leave you hanging, you can choose from Pikante bikini underwear (you can`t get much more style and rhythm than with Pikante Egyptian bikini), boxer briefs (we recommend you check out the Sweet lines cheeky boxers), briefs, g-strings, jock straps and thongs.

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