Although a bit lengthy, boxer briefs are still popular among metro sexual men for the classic tight fit that helps in retaining the curves and shape of the body, and also because of their spacious pouch style. After the design was introduced in the market, men of different age groups found this underwear quite comfortable and suitable with different outfits; even sportsmen, athletes and wrestlers found boxer brief underwear suitable for their activities. From the time boxer briefs became popular many brands have been designing this underwear. However, Mundo Unico is one such brand that has gained popularity immensely.

Mundo Unico began its journey in Colombia. By looking at the various outfits, one can understand that a lot of effort and talent has gone in creating these designs. Not only the designs, but even the shades of the fabric are unique. Any product is known by its quality. Mundo Unico is particularly careful about using premium fabric for creating their outfits. Thus, a man in Mundo Unico is always given appreciative glances. Apart from boxer brief underwear, you can also find bikini underwear, jock strap underwear, brief underwear, long boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, loungewear, bikini swimwear, board shorts beachwear, bodysuits, long underwear pants, thong underwear, long sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts and many other sexy and chic menswear from this brand.

The Mundo Unico Cup Long Leg GEN-C Boxer Brief Underwear has the power to make you the most ravishing of all! The fabric that goes in creating this underwear consists of polyamide (78%) and lycra (22%). These two materials enable the underwear to adhere tightly to the body, retaining your shape. Your package gets adequate support due to the presence of a roomy pouch. A considerably broad waist strap with the brand name labelled on it makes this underwear even trendier. With a vibrant shade, this boxer brief underwear is what you need to enhance your hunky dory looks.

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