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Designer men’s undergarments across the times

Underwear is one thing that is absolutely essential, and without it the very thought of resuming our daily routine seems absurd.

The first sample of underwear for men can be said to be loincloth, which was worn by early Egyptians. Greeks and Romans wore them as well. During the Middle Ages, short-legged trouser like underwear replaced them. They had laces which were tied at the waist. A few had something called codpieces, which were flaps in the front. These acted as the fly for this trouser-like apparel. They also had padded versions which made them very comfortable. The industrial period resulted in the manufacture of underwear on a large scale. Although in the beginning only cotton was used, now many other types of materials are also used like spandex, polyester and nylon, besides cotton.

The want, need and style of designer underwear for men have evolved with time, and the fashion industry is booming by producing quality sexy underwear for men. Different types of men’s underwear like boxer briefs, g-strings, jock straps, pouch underwear and more are the brain-children of many famous and creative designers. Some of them are designed for the more modest and comfort-loving men, while some others are designed keeping in mind the adventurous and sporty streak in some men.

The fabrics used by these designer houses are several, though the most common type is cotton. Others like spandex, polyester and rayon are equally popular. Often, a mix of various materials is used to get the optimum effect, whether it is for comfort, style or a plain good fit. Cotton allows maximum comfort and breathability, while spandex and polyester (and their mixes) enhance the fit, style and boost of the package. The boldest of these materials however, are net and mesh which adds a risqué element to it. They are see-through, and are utterly sexy and provocative as well.

There are separate utilities of each of the various sexy clothes men love to put on. While some are designed for provocation and titillation; some are produced purely for comfort and daily wear for hard-working souls; there are still others that provide support. The function of the cotton brief is to provide comfort and breathability to the wearer. Bikinis, g-strings and sungas instigate the boldness of the adventurous man. Jockstraps provide support to those men who love to indulge in athletic and sporting activities. All of these available in vibrant colours and creative designs leave men spoiled for choice.

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