Buffedbod Swimwear

Get Swimwear Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs for Under $40!

What would you say if someone told you that you could have your very own unique swimming trunks in colors that you adore, cut precisely the way you want, and it wouldn`t cost you a fortune to do it? Well, that’s what you get with the fantastically customizable Buffedbod custom panel front square cut swimwear. You choose the colors, cut, length and size, plus a few additional preferences, and we provide you with your very own, unique swimming trunks, perfectly tailored to your body, just as you have always imagined them!

Isn’t this a truly exciting concept? Innovative designer, Ron Serfass, certainly thought so, and boy was he ever right! He`s been making his way into men`s wardrobes with his brand, Buffedbod, like a marching stampede of wild bulls. And it`s no wonder. Men the world over have learned to appreciate the fact that Ron does everything by himself, just for them. He selects only the highest quality fabrics. He invents, designs and matches infinite combinations of the most dazzling and hypnotizing patterns, colors and prints, and lets you combine it all to make sure you get exactly what you want. It doesn`t get any better than this, guys!

Check out the Buffedbod customizable collection at DealByEthan.com, such as this highly customizable Buffedbod custom 4 color split bikini. Play around with the cut choices and color combinations, and see what you come up with. You’ll feel like a real underwear designer! Who knows, maybe you`ll even discover a hidden talent!

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