For you guys who go to the right shops, have the right hairdresser, go to the right gym, visit the right clubs – meet the Go Softwear brand!

The above aptly describes what is known as the “metrosexual male”, which is a man who is prone to seek perfection, explore his sexuality and know what fits him and what doesn`t. He’s in sync with fashion trends, and his clothes must be impeccable in every way. His underwear must make a statement, as well as be sexy and comfortable.

Mark Simpson, the man who is said to be the inventor of the word “metrosexual”, stated that a metrosexual man is “one who is much more interested in being looked at than any man before because that’s the only way you can be certain you actually exist”. And isn`t this so true?!

Go Software is one of the leaders in allowing the metrosexual man to be completely in touch with his playful yet self-conscious lifestyle. Check out garments such as the Go Softwear POP Boy brief in vibrant yellow or the Go Softwear short-sleeved moss T-shirt in over dyed yellow that gives it a soft, worn-in feel. Everything about this garment is made to accentuate your masculine physique, including the deep v-neck and the snug ribbing at the sleeves that does a tremendous job of exposing your biceps to the world. If you really want to heat things up on the beach, we recommend the Go Softwear C-ring Hawaii bikini with a c-ring sewn into the pouch to give your package an enhancing lift. You`ll get an impressive bulge in the front, and it even comes in 7 colors, one for every day of the week.

Visit to purchase your Go Softwear garments today. They are pure eye candy, and you definitely won`t go unnoticed!

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