Gregg Homme Menswear

Gregg Homme: Garments Woven with Lust!

If there was ever a clothing brand that wove fabric with lust, it`s Gregg Homme.

Lust is a pretty strong word. In the past, lust was considered a sin because it was usually connected to promiscuity and sex outside the institution of marriage, which was, of course, forbidden.

Nowadays, lust is no longer considered a sin, but rather a virtue that moves and shakes. It makes your heart race and gives you butterflies in your stomach. Your body trembles with excitement, and thousands of fiery flames rush across your skin leading to an explosion of emotion.

You don’t usually get these kinds of feelings every day, but Gregg Homme products can bring them into your life on a regular basis. They are created for this sole purpose. They are created to excite, entice and enflame you or someone else.

After you purchase your Gregg Homme garment from the selection at, try it on and take a deep breath. Prepare yourself to lust, and be lusted after!

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